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About Us

Finding Inspiration in Every Turn


Welcome to my individually hand crafted, toxin-free, essential oil aromatherapy candles.  Hand made and poured by me in our Herefordshire home, using  natural, sustainable ingredients; housed in beautiful, re-useable clay pots.

My Candle Story

My candle making journey started as a hobby and was born out of my need to find a therapeutic and creative outlet during lockdown. I was really missing my reflexology clients and the therapeutic nature of my work. What started as a hobby turned in to hours an hours of fun experimenting, testing and trialling with different essential oils, waxes, wicks and candle jars! Who knew there was so much to candle making and how critical it is to get all the components right to get the perfect burn and scent throw.  Then in 2023, my daughter asked me when I was going to start my candle business. And so, this is when Revive Candle Co was founded - thank you, Freya x 

Meet My Candles...



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