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You are what you think and so there is huge value in patting ourselves (and our friends and family) on the back.

Positive affirmations are positive phrases or statements that we can use to challenge our own negative or unhelpful thoughts.

Choose your positive affirmations carefully. Use ones that reflect your own personal values and real strengths or strengths that you consider to be important.

Doing this daily can really change your outlook - so that is brighter.

Here are some example positive affirmations:

  • Today is going to be a good day

  • I'm have wonderful friends who support and care for me

  • I am in charge of my thoughts and I don't judge myself

  • I accept and love myself

  • I am capable and good at what I do

  • I am a kind person

  • Nobody but me decides how I feel

I hope you find huge benefit from the positive affirmations you find for you x

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  • Writer's pictureSophie Williams

Stop and turn on the music. It requires little more than sitting and listening.

Music works on a really deep level for all of us – if we allow it to.

Music is a great health and wellness ‘tool’ which:

  • Increases our ‘feel good’ hormone – dopamine

  • Is tied to our emotional memory – a powerful stimulant

  • Affects our mood, breathing and heart rate – we choose lullabies to get our little ones off to sleep and upbeat music to motivate during exercise

What about creating different ‘go to’ playlists:

  • Guarantee to get you out of a low mood playlist.

  • Low tempo calming or meditative playlist

  • Processing emotions playlist

  • Get up and dance playlist

  • Dinner with friends playlist

  • Motivational exercise playlist

Enjoy your tunes – what music will you choose to have the right impact on you today?

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  • Writer's pictureSophie Williams

What better time to indulge in the mood-improving scents of essential oil candles.

Candles have been used for years to promote wellbeing and healing, and for practices such as meditation.

Just watching the gentle flame of a candle provides therapeutic benefits in itself.

Our sense of smell is so powerful that the scent of an essential oil candle stimulates the part of our brain that is connected to mood and memory.

Some of my favourite essential oils are:

  • Lavender - wonderful for calming and relaxing mind and body

  • Citrus - uplifting and refreshing

  • Frankincense - balancing and meditative

  • Spearmint - great for reviving mental fatigue and improving focus

What's your favourite candle scent? Light the candle you need to affect your mood.

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