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Reflexology has been used for over 5000 years as a natural, holistic and non-invasive therapy to support recovery from a myriad of conditions; physically, mentally and emotionally. Wonderfully restorative, leaving you feeling balanced, rejuvenated and re-energised.

Safe for all ages, Reflexology is also a powerful form of preventative medicine supporting the maintenance of great health and wellness. It helps relieve stress, encourages well-being and brings the body in to a natural state of balance.

Within reflexology, our feet can be viewed as maps of our bodies. Reflexology involves the application of pressure to ‘reflex areas’ on the feet (or hands, face and ears) that correspond to all our major organs, systems e.g. digestive and circulatory, and anatomical areas.

A typical treatment addresses specific areas of tension held within the body to bring about relaxation, balance and healing to those areas.


  • Reduces stress, promotes restful sleep and relaxes the mind and body

  • Supports recovery from injury, improves flexibility and motion and treats and manages pain

  • Supports muscular skeletal disorders

  • Improves debilitating health conditions such as auto-immune conditions and arthritis

  • Stimulates the nervous system and increases energy

  • Strengthens the immune system and enhances the elimination of waste products and toxins from the body

  • Improves digestive disorders such as IBS

  • Reduces hormonal symptoms resulting from PMS, menstruation, peri-menopause and menopause

  • Supports fertility, pregnancy, delivery at term and enhances post-natal recovery

  • Improves circulation and fluid retention

  • Eases allergies, asthma, sinus conditions, eczema and migraines

  • And much more…


Treatments usually last for 55 minutes. Your first treatment may take a little longer and includes a preliminary health and lifestyle consultation. This will allow me to develop a tailored treatment plan which will vary for each client.

Treatment plans can be discussed during the first appointment or you can contact me afterwards. Please note that a ‘treatment plan’ refers to a suggested number of appointments not a financial commitment.

All you will need to do is remove your socks and shoes and relax in a reclining reflexology chair that has been ergonomically designed to support your back.

I will start by relaxing your feet before applying specific pressure techniques to the various reflex areas on the base of your feet. These reflexes correspond to the different systems, organs and anatomical areas in your body.

Reflexology is a relaxing and calming experience, however there may be areas that are more sensitive. This is an indication of where there may be an imbalance. Don’t let ticklish feet put you off, the pressure applied is firm enough to avoid this.

Depending on your reason for having Reflexology, it is likely that a course of treatments could be recommended to ensure you get optimum benefit from the therapy.



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