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I know for many of us cooking is a daily activity that can at times feel like a chore.

However, with a little bit of effort and an ingredient or two, cooking can be really great fun!

Cooking is also a brilliant way to engage creatively and hey, you get a reward at the end of it as well!

So how about breaking out those recipe books and getting your creative on. Why not get family members to join in too?

How about trying your hand at homemade bread, cheese scones or afternoon tea?

Try a do-it-yourself pizza or tapas bar where everyone can get creative with toppings, dips and little dishes.

No matter what your skill level is or whether you have a sweet or savoury tooth – indulge in some creative cooking today!

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  • Writer's pictureSophie Williams

It wasn’t until I was in the in the midst of chronic illness a few years ago that I realised the sheer amount of toxins I was surrounded by at home. Even less so the toxins that I was putting on my body!

I’m talking about the make-up, lotions perfumes, aftershave, household cleaning products, laundry detergent...

So what's the issue?

Have you ever taken a look at some of the ingredients in these products?

And that’s before we even start to think about the outside environment we might be exposed to.

The issue is that we absorb and inhale everything in our homes and surrounding environment. All these toxins end up in our bodies leaving our livers with the job of processing an array of synthetic chemicals and toxins.

As we age, these contaminants accumulate in our fat tissues and organs, increasing our overall toxic load.

I realise now that my body was working overtime to try and keep me safe and healthy. It got really tired - so did I...

Of course, these toxins weren't the driving force of my illness, but they were not supporting my recovery.

Small changes, small increments - they all add up to make a huge difference.

So, detoxing your home isn’t an overnight thing. It takes time and patience.

Even if you only eliminate or substitute some of your more toxic household and body products it will be great for you.

Why not try some of these alternative cleaning products:

  • All-purpose non-toxic cleaner

  • Baking soda

  • Castile soap

  • Distilled white vinegar - great for cleaning windows!

  • Non-toxic hand soap, washing-up detergent & laundry detergent (or soap nuts)

There's loads of natural body products and makeup out there too - have an explore.

Share any great product finds here!

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  • Writer's pictureSophie Williams

Did you know:

  • Up to 60% of the human adult body is water

  • Roughly 70% of the human brain is composed of water

So it is really important to keep ourselves hydrated!

Keeping our brains hydrated improves focus, memory and concentration

Keeping our bodies hydrated:

  • Increases energy and relieves fatigue

  • Improves our skin complexion

  • Flushes out toxins

  • Promotes weight loss

  • Maintains Regularity by aiding digestion

The Eatwell Guide suggests we should drink 1.2 to 1.5 litres of water each day. Here are some handy ways to ensure you drink enough water throughout the day:

  • Keep a reusable bottle near you

  • Drink a glass before every meal

  • Drink a pint when you first wake

  • Replace other drinks with water

  • Sip water throughout the day



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