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Why can it be so hard to ask for help?

Yet by not asking for help, we are doing things alone which can be tough.

For many of us, asking for help can sometimes be the bravest thing we can do.

Asking for help isn't failing. It's giving someone else the opportunity to be helpful.

It's filling someone else's bucket, as well as you're own!

Asking for help when we need it, from people we trust means we get to learn, develop and also repay that kindness when asked for help too.

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If you're anything like me, you may find it hard to cut out sweet treats entirely. And whenever I have tried to, I have failed!

Enjoying a healthier dessert really helps me to calm my sweet cravings without the need for hitting the refined sugar!

I have such a sweet tooth and so here are some of my 'go to' healthier sweet treats...

  • Frozen yoghurt strawberries - simply dip some strawberries in Greek yogurt and pop in the freezer for a couple of hours. Perhaps add a splash of maple syrup or a squeeze of honey if you fancy it a little sweeter

  • 100% Mango Sorbet - chop up some mango, pop in the freezer until frozen then simply whiz up and eat straight away!

  • Dark chocolate covered strawberries - choose a good quality dark chocolate high in cocoa - melt then dip and coat the strawberries and pop in the fridge until set.

  • Fruit melody - serve as they are or with a crème fraiche and maple syrup dip

What healthy sweet treats do you enjoy?

  • Writer's pictureSophie Williams

Have you ever wondered why so many of us are able to show kindness towards others yet find it difficult to extend the same kindness towards ourselves?

Being kind to ourselves is the ability to show empathy, love and concern for ourselves. It's all about accepting ourselves for who we are, in particular our mistakes.

Self-kindness however, often allows people to accept their failures, move past them, and try again.

Have a go a writing down at least one thing that you love about yourself every day for the next week. Pop in it a jar next to your bed.

Or perhaps you might try writing a letter to yourself from the point of view of a compassionate friend?

Research has shown that people who are kind to themselves tend to have greater happiness, life satisfaction, motivation, better relationships and physical health.



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