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Curb Those Cravings - Treat Yourself To A Healthy Dessert

If you're anything like me, you may find it hard to cut out sweet treats entirely. And whenever I have tried to, I have failed!

Enjoying a healthier dessert really helps me to calm my sweet cravings without the need for hitting the refined sugar!

I have such a sweet tooth and so here are some of my 'go to' healthier sweet treats...

  • Frozen yoghurt strawberries - simply dip some strawberries in Greek yogurt and pop in the freezer for a couple of hours. Perhaps add a splash of maple syrup or a squeeze of honey if you fancy it a little sweeter

  • 100% Mango Sorbet - chop up some mango, pop in the freezer until frozen then simply whiz up and eat straight away!

  • Dark chocolate covered strawberries - choose a good quality dark chocolate high in cocoa - melt then dip and coat the strawberries and pop in the fridge until set.

  • Fruit melody - serve as they are or with a crème fraiche and maple syrup dip

What healthy sweet treats do you enjoy?

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