• Sophie Williams

Being behind a camera (and yes, this includes your phone's inbuilt camera), gives you more than one perspective.

Taking photos is a great way to express your self, explore your emotions, reduce levels of the stress hormone - cortisol, and just a great way to get lost in the moment.

This self-care challenge isn't about being an expert photographer, it's about the process of taking photos, not the end result.

Have a go at exploring yourself through the photos you take.

Focus on why you're taking a photo of something, not what you're photographing. What is the meaning and feeling that the photo triggers? What memories does it induce? - Why not challenge yourself to take a photo a day. - Perhaps you might like to create a 'day in your life' via photos - Try experimenting with abstract objects in your house - Get outdoors - Create a photo book Remember though, to focus on the why.

I hope you enjoy taking photos today x

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  • Sophie Williams

Feeling in need of a pick me up? Try dancing!

Why? Because it makes you happy and it feels good to just dance it out!

It doesn't matter whether you have two left feet, or you can bust out moves on the dance floor - everyone can, and should, dance!

Our bodies release endorphins when we dance. This is a chemical that trigger's positive energy and good vibes.

Dancing is also a great outlet for emotional expression, creativity and reducing stress.

It's a really fun form of exercise too.

What's even better, is that when you pair dancing with music it is even more therapeutic and liberating!

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  • Sophie Williams

A lack of ZZZZ's can have a huge impact of our health - mental, emotional and physical.

Experts say we should aim for seven to eight hours of shut-eye a night, but what does that really do for us?...

- Strengthens our immune systems - when we get enough sleep, our immune cells get the rest they need to help fight off whatever comes their way

- Better sleep = better mood - Improves exercise performance - Improves memory and mental performance - Can strengthen our hearts - Can helps us to avoid accidents Start your 'bedtime wind-down' early tonight and see how the extra sleep benefits you. Happy night's sleep!



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