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Therapeutic Photography

Being behind a camera (and yes, this includes your phone's inbuilt camera), gives you more than one perspective.

Taking photos is a great way to express your self, explore your emotions, reduce levels of the stress hormone - cortisol, and just a great way to get lost in the moment.

This self-care challenge isn't about being an expert photographer, it's about the process of taking photos, not the end result.

Have a go at exploring yourself through the photos you take.

Focus on why you're taking a photo of something, not what you're photographing. What is the meaning and feeling that the photo triggers? What memories does it induce? - Why not challenge yourself to take a photo a day. - Perhaps you might like to create a 'day in your life' via photos - Try experimenting with abstract objects in your house - Get outdoors - Create a photo book Remember though, to focus on the why.

I hope you enjoy taking photos today x

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