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Monday's Meditation - Start As You Mean To Go On!

Why not start your week of with a calming meditation?

Building self-care habits into the start of the week helps to set or mindsets for the rest of the week.

You’re not alone if you feel a bit reluctant about meditation, I know I was at first…

But if you’re someone who often finds yourself procrastinating then you could really benefit from meditation practice.

Meditation is all about training your brain to maintain focus on one thing that you direct it at.

Why not have a go:

· Sit comfortably

· Focus on your breath

· When your attention wanders, bring it back

Meditation benefits everyone precisely because our minds will wander. Meditation enables us to be more aware when our minds wander so that we can choose to re-focus.

The more you practice, the quicker you will start to recognise when you are distracted and so bring your attention back.

There are loads of benefits to meditation including improved sleep, lower stress, increased focus, lower blood pressure and much more.

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