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'No' - A Profound Form of Self-Care

'No’ – such a small, simple word, yet one that so many of us find hard to say.

Saying no is profound form of self-care. So why is it that habitually, we can so often put everyone and everything before ourselves?

This can lead to us pouring from a glass that is already empty.

And whilst saying no and setting boundaries can be hard, running on empty is so much harder. It’s bad for our health and it’s not great for those around us either.

So how will you make space for you to have space?

What boundaries can you set to help prioritise your wellbeing over your obligations and relationships? –

· Only respond to calls and messages when you are fully present and able to properly engage?

· Don’t take on more responsibility than you can handle?

· Take an evening for you?

· What else?

Saying no teaches people how to love and respect us. Why would anyone who loves and respects you become hurt when you love and respect yourself too?

Remember – saying not to others is saying yes to you.

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