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Self-Care Slow Mornings

Slow mornings belong to weekends and holidays. This is something I have been able to appreciate over the last year. The last year has given me an appreciation for slowing down generally... How about you?

This doesn't mean that I've stayed in bed for longer. I've just found myself rushing around less and enjoying more cuddles with my little ones rather than rushing out of the door.

I know it my sound weird, but sometimes I wake up early so I can just do nothing! I do find that this energises and calms me, and provides focus for the rest of the day. Maybe it's about getting some 'me' time?

Take a slow morning to do whatever it is you feel like doing - meditating, reading a book, cuddling up to a loved one, going for a walk, sipping a cup of coffee on the sofa... It's also a great way to manage stress and find control in anxious, always-connected times.

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