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Time For Some Self-Reflection!

How often do you take time for some self-reflection?

To just press the pause button and think about what is going on for you right now? What are you feeling? What are your wants and needs right now? What are your goals?

Focusing in on ourselves and understanding ourselves better can actually make us happier and more at peace.

It also encourages us not to ignore what might be going on for us, to not push our thoughts, feelings, and decisions to the back of our minds.

Where it stays by the way – in our sub-conscious; still affecting us at some level.

Self-reflection can benefit us in lots of other ways too:

  • Clarity – it can help us work our way through indecision

  • Self-protection – greater self-knowledge helps us to put some boundaries in place e.g., what behaviour do we find un/acceptable and what needs do we have that we would like met?

  • Relationships – it’s pretty difficult for others to understand you if you don’t understand yourself

  • Learning – self-reflection gives us the opportunity to learn from our experiences

I Hope you manage to find some time for self-reflection...

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